These gorgeous earrings have a rose bush woven thru the design. We have three available at the moment, one with the classic red and one with purple roses. Both have a white background. We also have a pair with purple roses only on a pink background. We can do other colors as well. The color of the rose is a reflection of the sentiment conveyed. For instance, red is for traditional love, while p...
Done with all transparent beads, these beautiful earrings sparkle in the sunlight, just like the rainbow after a warm Spring-time shower.
Show your patriotic side with these red, white & blue earrings. Set in the style of the classic barbershop pole, they spiral upwards from a base of several individual strands to a single unit at the top, thus reflecting the phrase on our seal, "e pluribus unum" (out of many, one).
These classic medicine wheel earrings show the colors of the four directions, within the circle of life. On the bottom, they have a single eagle feather, representing the primary messenger who guides us in life.
God's Eye designs are quite popular as it represents the Great Spirit watching over you as you move thru the day. This stunning design is available in both turquoise/orange/royal blue and a lighter green/orange/yellow depending on your mood.
These stylish arrowhead earrings have the letters KC inside for those who want to express pride in their home town. Other cities are being worked on, so feel free to contact us regarding custom pieces for your own hometown.
These tipi earrings are handsomely embossed with the American flag to show the patriotism found within the Native communities. It has been shown that Native People have the largest per capita representation in our military. These earrings are a fine way to show ones support for these brave men and women who defend our freedoms.
These earrings incorporate the classis rider on the horse with his head bowed and spear lowered that has come to symbolize the "End of the Trail". It is used to honor a warrior who has crossed over while serving the People. On the bottom is a single eagle feather. To a warrior, an eagle feather is a sign of being honored for your sacrifice. With these earrings, we seek to honor those who have s...
These beautiful earrings are so named because of the crystal bead underlay common to each pair. They are currently available in blue, green, purple, brown and yellow. Or let us know your favorite color and a custom pair can be arranged.
This beautiful buffalo skull pendent set comes with a matching set of earrings. Individually, they would be $20.00 for the pendent and $15.00 for the earrings. Better value with the whole set. If you like the design, but would prefer different colors, that can be arranged. Let me know your favorites.
These stunning American flags are done entirely with transparent beads, making it sparkle in the sunlight. Great for showing your patriotism.
New arrival today , Only one available , $10.00
I have TWO : one gold and one silver, Chain is approx 24 inches long
See details / Heavy
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