I am looking for gently used books for middle school aged kids or young adults, to put in my classroom. I currently do not have any books for my older special needs students. Thanks in advance!
I need a stationary bike since I've had my knee replaced
Hello. My 20 plus year old Kirby has finally broken down. I cannot take it to the Kirby shop where I purchased it years ago because that particular shop went out of business. Other Kirby repair shops will not repair my Kirby for free. Any Kirby, will be much appreciated. But especially an old Kirby Heritage II. Thank you.
For granddaughter
I have gotten completely out of Racing many years back and have raised a child and now it is time to GO FAST again. I have BEAUTIFUL Show Cars, Motorcycles, Lifted Monster Trucks, Power Boats, Restored Coke machines, Oil signs, Enclosed Trailers, Collection of EXPENSIVE men's watches, Rolex & more, Waverunners, Atvs, Some very QUALITY Men's & Women's rings, bracelets & necklaces. Here are pictu...
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